Leadership Development

We are leadership and organizational consultants to businesses and non-profits with limited resources. We strategically partner with our clients to empower their greatest asset -- their people. They are given opportunities to learn new skills, to build their confidence levels and grow as individuals. In the non-profit and the small business, this transformation serves the interests of the individual, the organization and the community.


Technology Integration

We are highly experienced and proven IT management consultants. Serving education, public sector and commercial industry clients for over 15 years, we are vendor independent, employ proven methodologies, and are driven to achieve outstanding client satisfaction. We focus on helping you identify and maximize the benefits of your IT systems. Our services include: Strategic Planning, IT Assessment, Application Training, and Interim IT Management.

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Health & Wellbeing

We are passionate about improving employee health and well-being. We see this as a new strategy for your organization to gain an emotional, financial, and competitive advantage. That's because employee wellbeing has a direct and significant impact on the bottom line. Whether you manage a few people, lead a large group, or run an entire organization, you are already in the business of managing employee wellbeing.